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Rising to a New Year

In Uncategorized on January 1, 2012 at 7:55 pm

What falls can rise again…

For many, this New Year is an opportunity to start over,
begin again, and rebuild the daily routines in which our lives our firmly
rooted. As for me, I have decided to dedicate this newfound year to an idea
that a good friend of mine likes to refer to as, resurgencerising or tending to rise again.

In honor of my friends idea, I hereby pledge my hope for the
New Year to any and everyone who has been let down by relationships, thrown down by the economy, and/or held down my unjust institutions.

May this be YOUR year to rise again!

Since our relationships, health and financial state, are all, a direct reflection of what we feel we are worth, then it’s time we start valuing ourselves enough to lead the life we truly deserve. It’s time to forget
about anything holding us back or anyone trying to hold us down. It’s time to stop making excuses and start making things happen.

It begins with a commitment to value yourself. Are you worth
the sacrifice it will take to get that new place you want? To make it in the
big city on your own? To let go of that unhealthy relationship? To break free
of that job that is only bringing you down? To trade in complacency for a few months of hard work and eating off the dollar menu in order to chase that dream that you’ve always wanted?

This moment is all you have. Even more, IT’S ALL YOU NEED.

Start now.

You’re already equipped with everything you need to make it
happen; the breath flowing through your body. Now all you need, is to know, that you are worth the life you want, and you are worth any and every sacrifice it will take to get you there. 

May this New Year be your chance, your opportunity, and your
natural birthright
to rise again.

When I think back to how broken and hopeless I was at the
beginning of this year, I get overwhelmed with gratitude at knowing I was given another chance, at life, to rise again.

This is your one and only life…So do yourself a little favor,
and value who you are, and live your one and only life, like you mean it.