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Ready, Set…Release

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2012 at 8:29 pm

I’ve missed writing.

I feel like I have gotten so caught up in the webs of obligations and expectations recently, that I haven’t allowed my words a chance to run freely on the pages. I haven’t watched as my letters danced and dangled onto a blank white screen as if no one was watching.

Writing is my way to make sense of my mind that never seems to want to make sense of me. It is my chance to take everything I am feeling and release it to wherever it needs to go… And I’ve discovered, that there is such a sense of freedom in release.

Whether it is the release of a bad habit, a negative friendship or even a hopeless romance that never seems to fulfill your innermost needs. Letting go is the only way to allow enough space in your life for what is needed to be let in.

Letting go of doubt and allowing confidence to reign in. Letting go of fear and watching in amazement as courage takes over (and it will). And even letting go of that hold you have on the past, so that the future can finally be set free.

Release your breathe, your hate, your frustrations and even your spirit. Release it all into the world and watch, as it releases you…