Waitress Turned Writer

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2012 at 6:49 pm

So earlier this month I did one of the most nerve wrecking and terrifying things in my career- I threw away my old waitressing apron.

I know I know, pretty dramatic! But the truth is that my apron represented so much more than a measly piece of black cloth that I wrapped around my waste every night to take orders from strangers. It represented a lifelong struggle of fighting for something that technically wasn’t in the cards for a lil old, troubled, biracial girl such as myself.

It was this time last year I remember crying behind a dumpster behind the local restaurant I was working at because, I was losing hope that I made the right decision to pursue such an unconventional career path. I was truly terrified that I would always need to serve tables to survive.

Now, only a year later- I officially graduated from my nearly 10 year career as a waitress- with much hesitation mind you. I had been a waitress so long that I allowed so much of what it entailed to define me. I waited tables to get me through school, to keep up with bills, to be able to abandon the conventional corporate america 9-5, to write a book, and to build Truality- being a server served me well for those purposes, but it was always a means to an end for me. I knew there was much more I both wanted and was capable of doing with my life.

In the end, I am forever grateful for the people I met in the industry along with a lot of the tough lessons I learned in the process. Most importantly, I am proud to have been able to do whatever it took to follow my dreams (even if it meant not being able to drive a fancy car and having to eat dinner off the McDonald’s $1 menu every other night).

Being a waitress for almost 1/2 my life made me realize that having a dream can help you get through the day, but being able to commit to the turbulent and difficult journey you will have to travel in order to get there is what will separate you from the rest. Being able to smile as you wipe others slobbery leftovers off a plate, or laugh when a pretentious customer tries to make you think they’re better than you- those are the moments that will serve as your strength in molding you into the person you deserve to be.

So no-matter what you are doing to work towards your dreams, never forget the big picture of what you are fighting for- be it a degree, to support your family, to stay sober, to make it on the big screen, to travel the world, to be self-sufficient, or simply to find time to find yourself- you wouldn’t be given the gift of life if you weren’t meant to make the most of it. Never forget that no-matter the costs & sacrifices, you’re worth every bit of it… (and so our your dreams 🙂

Stay TRU my loves ❤



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