A Wishing Well of Inspiraiton-

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2012 at 10:49 pm

I used to have this picture taped on my bathroom mirror in my old apartment. It is a photograph from a newspaper of a young female Author doing a reading at a nearby Barnes & Nobles, and the note card that reads “beautiful” was a souvenir from a workshop I had done at a local high school- both reminding me to always love myself and to never give up on my dreams (something I can never be reminded of enough).

Now, a few years later, after having a pretty rough day, I found myself looking through old books for inspiration. I ended up coming across my first AA book where both this crumbled up newspaper image and the “beautiful” notecard were hiding in chapter 11 (my lucky number I might add). Instantly, I was given what I needed to pick my head & heart back up.

Sometimes it’s more difficult then I’d like to admit to stay motivated and keep my creative intuition on full time active duty in my day to day life. Wether it’s trying to seek the will to write, the drive to workout, the passion to stay up late working, the desire to eat healthy, or even the time to pamper myself a little, seeking inspiration can often feel like an endless battle (and with some of the hits I take my armor isn’t built to last forever).

Thankfully, I’m beginning to realize that sometimes all you have to do is is open up your lil heart and surround yourself with something or someone beautiful and let the answers come to you (like chapter 11 did for me). Find the light that is already surrounding you and have it shine directly onto all of the darkness that is hindering your ability to move forward.

For in the end you will discover that as much as we “seek out” and “look for” motivation in this crazy world, if we look close enough we will always find that it is not “out there” but within us– and believe it or not, it’s not only full of great ideas and enough passion to put the Notebook to shame, but it’s an infinite well of inspiration… because it’s you!

You are the inspiration…. now get out of your own way and let you do your job 🙂



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